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Marriage From Chaos and Choice (specialty class)

11/10/2017 @ 10:00 - 12/10/2017 @ 18:00


Marriage From Chaos and Choice
Facilitator: Rattan Deep Singh
Host: Tamara Stegeman

Prerequisites: Non 
Duration: 2 Days

Who is the Class for?

This class is for everyone:

  • Desiring to get into a relationship
  • Interested in keeping love, joy and happiness in their relationship alive
  • Who desires to have a loving relationship in their life; which could be a friendship, friendship and love, friendship as a live in relationship, friendship in a love marriage or an arranged marriage
  • Who finds that once they get into a relationship, things start to change in ways they never expected and even though they desire to have a loving and happy life together, things seem to be falling apart and the initial love, joy and happiness they experienced is missing


What if you could actually continue to create and maintain a loving, caring, fun and joyful relationship with ease?

What Is The Class About?

This class will be created by the participants with the questions and challenges they have in their lives and relationships.

Over the two days some aspects that may get covered depending on the challenges and questions of the participants could be from the following:


  • All the Points of Order regarding marriage and relationships that we have been entrained with by our culture, society, family, parents, religion and peers.
  • Why marriage? Explore reasons put forward to get married and see how these impact the marriage.
  • Common challenges that people face in a marriage resulting from:

    Different belief systems
    Control issues
    Making things significant
    Lack of commitment
    Abuse,Sexual beliefs
    Financial issues
    Attractions and involvements outside marriage


  • Present a different paradigm of instilling joy and fun in the relationship and marriage.
  • Retaining the novelty and interest in the marriage and ways in which we can keep creating more and contributing to help the marriage grow.
  • Provide participants with tools and processes that they can use to have more fun, never get bored and keep creating greater opportunities for each other in their lives.
  • What if things are not working out in a marriage or relationship?


Class Format

The class will be conducted over a period of two days in an interactive format.

The invitation will be to encourage participants to create a happy, fulfilled relationship   from chaos by being in the question, making choices, exploring possibilities and looking at the contribution that they can be.

Various tools and processes of Access Consciousness will be used freely during the class.



11/10/2017 @ 10:00
12/10/2017 @ 18:00
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Saturnusstraat 83e
Emmeloord, Flevoland 8303 CB Nederland


Rattan Deep Singh
Tamara Stegeman